In which, I review Star Wars: Episode IX: There’s Something About Skywalkers

Went to see the new Star Wars movie this afternoon.  Managed to misread the time on my ticket by an hour, which gave me plenty of time to wander around the local mall and reflect on how SIMPLY HAVING A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIME is like the absolute worst lyric to get stuck in your head ever and now it’s in your head too.

But I digress.

I have made absolutely no secret of my firmly-held belief that the BTL A4 Y-Wing Assault Starfighter/Bomber (Thank you, Wookieepedia) is the absolute coolest starfighter to ever grace the screen, and TROS is Wall-to-Freaking-WALL Y-wings.  I’m not sure who looked at my Christmas list (Item 1: Can there be lots of Y-wings in the next Star Wars movie?) and sent it to JJ Abrams, but whoever you are you are my new favorite person.

It has a Y-wing basically soloing a Star Destroyer, for crying out loud.  SO BROKEN.  MORE PLEASE.

Also it gave me this piece of merch.  Well, not literally GAVE.  I had to exchange currency for it.

Like nearly 50 bucks on sale.  I think that is the most I’ve spent on Lego in decades.  I am totally going to put this thing together and proudly display it somewhere and cry when I find that one of the cats has decided that it should be on the floor in pieces.

Also there was some stuff with Rey and Finn and Poe?  I think?  It was pretty good filler for between the bits with Y-wings anyway.

10/10, would talk anyone’s ear off about how cool Y-wings are again.  Except for the bit in A New Hope where they just fly down a trench and get blown up.  That’s not really all that cool.


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