How’s that again?

I’ve been playing Love Live! School Idol Project for a couple of years now.  It’s pretty much the only mobile game I play, and honestly I don’t really PLAY it that often.  I open it most days to get the daily bonus and occasionally I play through a few songs if there’s an event going on or if I’m stuck in a waiting room.

Two years of getting the daily bonus most days means that I have a godawful amount of every kind of currency the game offers, as an aside.  It is a really generous game for a mobile gacha monstrosity and a MUCH better Love Live! game than the Vita games that were like 50 bucks each.

Anyway, when you open the app, one of your collected idols will pop up and say something funny or motivational or just plain weird.

Today is Christmas so Kotori is saying… well, file this under things Kotori can say to you but that you should not say back to Kotori.


A few days ago, this one popped up.

Which is like, a chick says this to you, you should probably make sure she isn’t building a (Shiny!) human-sized cage in her basement.

Anyway. Low-effort post today.  Have been working on a “TOP TWENTY-FIVE GAMES OF THE DECADE” post in my free time since that is the sort of post you are supposed to put up when you are a Serious Gaming Blog.

Maybe it will be up before January?

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3 Responses to How’s that again?

  1. AK says:

    I’m happy I don’t have a serious gaming blog, because trying to think up 25 best games of the decade sounds like way too much effort to me. I look forward to reading yours, though.


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