I’ve assembled something!

I bought this Lego Y-Wing shortly after seeing Star Wars : Episode IX : Skywalker-palooza in the theaters, in December of 2019.  It has been sitting in its box ever since, slowly collecting a fine layer of dust and taunting me with its state of disassembly.

Roughly a year ago, I opened the box, took out the four bags of parts, read the instruction booklet and then put everything carefully back in the box.

Tonight I decided to just get down to it, and three-and-a-half-hours later I was holding a damn Lego representation of the best starfighter to ever come out of the Star Wars universe.  It also made me realize why the Y-wings shown in the Clone Wars series were designed with the armor plating around the engine, because man those struts are some kinda flimsy and the armored design probably made the toys considerably easier to make in a way that was sturdy enough to survive the first five minutes of play.

Speaking of this as a toy, it’s pretty cool.  You’ve got two spring-loaded blaster bolts you can fire out of it – and a spare for when you inevitably lose one – and the bomb bay holds three bombs that load in from the top.  You also have a rotating ion cannon up top and it has space for a pilot and the included nameless Astromech Droid.

I mean, I’ll never actually chase the cat around with it making engine noises and firing blaster bolts at him, because that would be childish and I am a Grown Man Now.

Part of being a Grown Man apparently includes wasting three years before assembling a Lego kit.  But at least it’s finally done.

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