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These games are trash, and so am I.

  So, the new Steam Beta has a library view that shows all of your games with poster-style art, and it looks GREAT.  I think it’s a huge improvement from the old library view with the horizontal icons. …well, it … Continue reading

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I Was Young, I Needed The Page Views

So I played through The Typing of the Dead: Overkill a couple of nights ago.  I could talk about that.  But, I also see the google search terms that lead people to find this blog… and, well, maybe I should … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

OK, technically this is a day early. Consider it a reminder to call your mom. PSA over, moving on: A while back, incensed with the ending of the Da Capo anime, I bought the translated visual novel from MangaGamer, and … Continue reading

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Because the Internet

I’ve spent a bit over a week getting re-acclimated to Tera, working on faction and running solo dungeons and the like, so I figure it’s about time I found a guild that I can run group dungeons with and maybe … Continue reading

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To Heart 2: A Minor Snag

I’m so very proud of myself; I’ve actually made it through the PROLOGUE in ToHeart2.  That’s, oh, maybe a hundredth of the way thorough the game and it’s taken me 3 hours or so of fervent dictionary use. Playing a … Continue reading

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