These games are trash, and so am I.


So, the new Steam Beta has a library view that shows all of your games with poster-style art, and it looks GREAT.  I think it’s a huge improvement from the old library view with the horizontal icons.

…well, it looks great if the game publishers have uploaded new art, anyway.  If they haven’t…

…not great.  And, let’s be honest, a lot of these games are never going to get updated with better-looking art.

Fortunately, Steam allows you to set custom art, and people in the Steam community have already uploaded templates that you can use to make the new poster-style icons, and I realized that a lot of visual novels are made using the Ren’Py engine which means that they are super easy to rip apart so you can take the art assets out, and…

Long story short, I made a set of Steam icons for all 19 of Winged Cloud’s Sakura visual novels.  Some of them are better than others.  It was kind of a fun reason to actually load up Photoshop Elements and play around with it, so even if nobody else ever uses these I feel like I learned some stuff.

Here’s an example, using Sakura Spirit.

The original library icon:

My version.  Obviously this is using Winged Cloud’s art and assets and hopefully they will not be too upset.

And the whole collection.  Well.  All 19 of the Steam games I own.  If they have made any recently I may not have them:

I put all of the posters up on a Google Drive share if you would like to download them.  I’ll pull this if they put up official new art or if I’m asked to.


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  1. Pete Davison says:

    Dedicated to the boobies! I salute you.


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