Maybe “Infinity” was a bad choice of words.

Being as I have yet to grow up, every time I go into a store to buy grown-up items, I invariably wind up taking a pass through the video game section.  That’s how a simple trip to Target to buy trash bags wound up with me holding a sack full of clearance-priced Disney Infinity stuff, including the Finding Dory and Twilight of the Republic play sets and a mess of random figures.  I haven’t actually SEEN Finding Dory yet – though I hear it’s good – but most of the DI stuff was marked down to 50% off and had a Cartwheel coupon available to knock an extra 30% off, so I figured it was worth it.

Sadly, their registers were smart enough to apply the markdowns in order rather then adding them together, so it worked out to 65% off rather than 80%.  Still, it was a pretty good deal, and I now have every 2.0 and 3.0 play set and the three-pack (Monsters U, Incredibles, Pirates) from 1.0.

I think I can live without the Cars, Toy Story, and (dear God, what were they THINKING?) Lone Ranger play sets.

At some point, someone with more free time than I have is going to sit down and do their research and figure out just how Disney took the most valuable set of entertainment properties AND made some of the best-looking toy versions of the characters from them AND STILL managed to cock it up badly enough that they wound up canceling the whole thing without even getting around to half of said properties.

I mean, not that I’m bitter or anything, but I wanted my Pixie Hollow character pack and play set, dangit.  And maybe some Rescue Rangers.  And, like, half of the Marvel universe.  And on and on and on…


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