Retail Therapy

So, back in April, I had a filling come out.  Like a big doof, I decided that it wasn’t really bothering me THAT much and I had an appointment scheduled for the middle of July for a cleaning ANYWAY so it could wait.

About a month ago, it decided to start hurting, but, you know, it seemed silly to make an appointment then when I still had the one scheduled in July…

Anyway, the result was that I went into the appointment yesterday as scheduled, and my dentist looked at the X-rays, and then we had a talk about abscessed teeth, and then I got to have a root canal where – as an added bonus! – I had what he called a “hot tooth”, so the anesthetic didn’t actually work to numb the nerve endings and I got to feel every moment of having four nerves pulled out of my jaw through the tooth.

So I deserved some retail therapy.


I had heard that Nintendo was planning to release Callie and Marie amiibos, but I’d put it out of my mind as a crazy fantasy that would either a) never actually happen or b) be such an amazingly limited release that I’d never actually see them, so I was very startled to see this box on the shelf at Fred Meyer and very quickly made it mine.  They don’t do much in-game, but I don’t care.

Anyway, I haven’t logged any time in Splatoon recently, but the final Splatfest approaches and I am going to need to strap on my big squid pants and do my best for Team Marie.

Then, I decided to grit my teeth – that is a figure of speech, in this case, because teeth gritting is not to be happening in my near future – and go see Ghostbusters, a movie I did not have high expectations for after seeing the awful, awful trailers.

It turns out that an awful trailer is not always the sign of a bad movie, and I’m glad that I gave it a chance.  It wasn’t a shot-for-shot remake of the original movie, but it followed more-or-less the same story arc while being very much its own film.

Nostalgia forces me to always rank the original movie first, but I’m comfortable giving this the #2 spot in front of the 2009 game.  All three are, of course, miles and miles ahead of Ghostbusters 2, a movie I like to pretend never actually happened.

Also spending 18 bucks on a movie ticket came with a shiny plastic souvenir:


I will treasure it forever.

Well, probably not that long.


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