PSA: Cheap Ponies on iTunes

It’s a bit of a silly thing to complain about, but ever since Apple switched from selling My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in season sets to selling it in 13-Episode “volumes”, it’s been kind of overpriced.  Last I checked, they were asking 25 bucks a “volume”, which is pretty ballsy even for Apple. 
Ok, prices are probably set by Hasbro. I’m still going to blame Cupertino. 

Anyway, the end result of this pricing is that I haven’t picked up any new volumes off iTunes since V8. I’ve been watching a few episodes here and there off Netflix, but I really haven’t been keeping too closely in-tune with the series. 

Come to find out, all volumes just got priced down to $9.99, presumably as a tie-in with the impending movie. That’s a lot more reasonable, and it even includes the currently-airing season. 

So, if you’ve been in the same boat as me, pick yourself up some cheap ponies and smile. 

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