Cube Swag++

So, confessions time: I’ve been a west coaster most of my life, and the US east coast scares the heck out of me.  I’m pretty sure that, if I ever happen to visit New York or Boston, I will be immediately detected as a rube from the sticks – and, to a New Yorker, I understand that everywhere NOT New York is, by definition, “the sticks” – at which point I will be immediately skinned and eaten and my remains fashioned into bootleg designer goods.

Sooooo… I’m probably not ever going to visit the Nintendo World Store, which is a shame as it is the sole place to get a ton of neat stuff.

And I like neat stuff.

FORTUNATELY, I happen to have a work buddy who knows I like neat stuff, and who had to put up with weeks of me extolling the virtues of being alternately a kid or a squid, AND who happened to be in the New York area on business last week…

…and now I have a very excellent Inkling plush to call my own.

My cube is so fresh, and I didn’t even need to get murdered for it.  Life is good.



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