New Pony Merch (Technically not a Pony)

Being a 40-something guy with a great fondness for the recent My Little Pony series already puts me into something of a fringe fandom (and, probably, on to several FBI watchlists), but really enjoying the “Equestria Girls” spinoff movies puts me into the fringe of the fringe that “respectable” bronies don’t associate with.

Nonetheless, they’re great fun and I recommend them to anyone willing to watch about 50 hours worth of the original show so you can get all of the in-jokes and references.

Sadly, most EQG merch is, well, pretty awful.  I did buy a “Principal Celestia” dol…ACTION FIGURE because it came bundled with a pretty decent pony version of the character, but I haven’t been tempted by anything else.

Then I found this, and it was $5.99, and I thought that was a good price to pay to have human-form Twilight in my life:


There’s actually a full line of these “Equestria Girls Minis”, though it appears to omit Sunset Shimmer which is a bit annoying.  Villains just can’t catch a break, I guess.

As a bonus, she comes with authentic falling-over action, so you can relive the exciting scenes where Twilight learns how to walk on two legs.  If you balance her jusssssst perfectly, she can actually stand unsupported, but a squirrel coughing could knock her down.

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