I still hate Ravenholm.

I recently discovered that, according to the incredibly depressing steamleft.com, it would take me 184 days of continuous playing, without breaks for sleep or eating, to finish the unplayed games in my Steam library.  That ignores all the console games lying around the house, of course.

In response, I am playing through Half Life 2 for the fourth time, because it’s still bloody amazing even ten years after it first came out.

I find that I still can’t stand Ravenholm.  Goddamned poison headcrabs all up in my grill and what not, made worse because I was trying for the achievement where you don’t use any weapons but the gravity gun and for some reason thought that I could use the crowbar.  That one’s on me, but it’s still a little annoying.

Oh well.  Time for Fun With Ant Lions and The One Bit With The Bridge, which I quite like.


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