You might want a comfortable chair…

I am rather beginning to suspect that I may choose games to play based solely on the amount of time it would take to explain them to my mum.

For example, Call of Duty, which I could explain in the time it takes to say “it’s like playing army men, but with strangers on the Internet” is something that I’ll play for long enough to see the end of the single player campaign – so a lazy afternoon – and then put aside, while something like Miku Flick/02, which is more along the lines of “I’m choosing characters from a Japanese cell phone keypad in time with an artificial girl singing and dancing” could probably take the same lazy afternoon to explain what I’ve just said and why I keep coming back for one more go.

Obviously we need a rhythm game involving funny cat videos. That one I could probably explain pretty quickly.

“You see, if I press these buttons fast enough and in the right order, he jumps into the box and falls over.”

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