Happiness is…

If you start typing “happiness is” into Google, it naturally gives you a great many suggestions. My personal favorite is “happiness is a red popsicle”, though I confess that spending the last 25 years on the Internet has me worried that I’m missing some hidden meaning there and that what I think is a wholesome and simple affirmation of joy is actually something dark and sordid.

But I digress.

At any rate, I should like to add my own entry to this list of happiness related items, and it goes something as follows:

“Happiness is an illicit 200 watt heater tucked under my desk, hopefully drawing too little power for facilities to notice and too quiet to be heard by passers-by in an office where the temperature is kept in the mid 60s for no logical reason”

It’s not as punchy as the Popsicle thing, I admit, but not having to sit at my desk with my coat over my lap all day is making every minute a little brighter.

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