Boys Choir, here I come.

Wow, that’s possibly the creepiest article title I’ve come up with yet.  I will explain.

Well, first, some backstory.

Some of the earliest anime titles licensed for the American market were titles that had been produced by Studio Gainax.  They tended to have very high quality animation, music that ranged from “catchy” to “addicting”, stories that mixed action and humor, occasionally veering into the realm of the tearjerkingly dramatic, and, oh yes, an awful lot of jiggle.

This entered the vernacular as the “Gainax Bounce”.

They did do the occasional show with less fan service – (see also: Karekano) – and also they made some robot show that got a lot of attention.

A few years after the giant robot show ended, the maid fetish hit anime like a 2×4 to the face.  This was some time after the “giant robots with deep government conspiracy theories” and the “semi-noir anime with jazz music” trends ended, I think, though I really don’t follow these things too closely and as a result I couldn’t tell you whether Gainax’s particular take on the maid-themed anime, Mahoromatic, was the trendsetter or just another knockoff of some primordial Ur-Maid.

I can tell you the reaction I had, the first time I saw Mahoromatic in a store, and that reaction was “Oh, PLEASE” followed by me putting the box back on the shelf and a shaking of the head in general disbelief at the state of the world.

Yes, I was convinced that the studio that had given us the “Gainax Bounce” had finally reached its nadir, and also that I wasn’t willing to follow them down to that level.

Some seven years later, as stage6 was going through its dying throes, I started frantically trying to download AMVs and OP/ED animations and, well, anything that had a halfway interesting-looking thumbnail image, and that’s how I wound up with an AMV done to Kotoko’s Change My Style, which I will not embed here because, well, it’s got enough jiggle in to make it not exactly safe for work, and if you do work anywhere where that sort of thing is safe for work, let me have the address of your HR people.

Anyway, putting aside the bounce factor, it has an awful lot of footage from Mahoromatic in it, and it looked, if still kind of facepalm-worthy, actually kind of fun.

Note, my tastes have changed somewhat in the last several years.  Granted, I think pretty much anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time would consider these changes for the worse.

But I digress.

Anyway, to get back to the original title of this post, I purchased (and have half-watched so far) the new budget-price release of Mahoromatic, and I will now quote – without permission, unattributed, and out of context – the Amazon review of the show:

“The adolescent high jinks of Mahoromatic will offend many American females–and bore any male whose voice has changed.”

I guess, if you know any choir looking for a soprano, I’m available.

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