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So, having a portable media pl… oh, all right, I’ll just come out and say it… an iPod that can hold all of our music collection has lead to some interesting revelations.

First revelation:  We have a lot of music; right around 11500 audio tracks, and most of that represents actual physical CDs or iTunes/Amazon purchases; we’re pretty law-abiding folks.

The second revelation came when I synced the entire library to the iPod and set the thing to randomly play from the entire songs list.

I wound up skipping, I’d guess, two out of every three songs.  Some of that was based on mood, sure, and didn’t represent actual dislike of the song, but an awful lot of it was because it chose to play a song at me that I didn’t like, or that was a karaoke version, or that was some weird 20 second sample of BGM from a soundtrack.

So, I copied the entire library off the server onto my local PC, threw it into iTunes, and started doing a little pruning, and this has lead to some more revelations, some of them rather embarrassing.

For example:

Cardigans: First Band on the Moon.  I bought this album solely on the basis of hearing “Lovefool” on the radio, and it was also the first – and last – domestic CD I ever purchased that was $19.99, or $21.60 with CA state tax added.  I don’t think the recording companies even try to pull off that kind of pricing any more; this was back in 1996.

In retrospect, I’m thinking they deserved some of the pain that was coming in the form of Napster, etc.

“Lovefool” is the only track from the album that got kept and that actually made it on to my iPod.  So, yeah, poor CD purchase there, but not quite as bad as Dreams Come True’s “Magic”, which I bought unheard based solely on having really liked their “The Swinging Star” album.  I didn’t actually keep anything from “Magic”, and that was – by virtue of being an import – about 30 bucks.

I won’t go in to a whole, you know, list of albums that got dropped entirely or cut down to just one or two tracks, but the end result was an iPod with 8100 tracks on it, and I’m skipping a LOT less.

Of course, now I’m back to maintaining a local music library AND a music library on the server, but, eh, I’ll deal.  It’s better than allowing iTunes to have its way with the master library.

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