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Actually having shame.

Sunday, an old friend came up to town in order to go to our local comic book show. This apparently happens twice a year or so and attracts the few local comics professionals, and he wanted to get some things … Continue reading

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I try to be smart, and am not.

So, I’m reading Tae Kim’s excellent guide to Japanese grammar, and it slaps me with an unfamiliar kanji. (誰) I look it up. It’s the kanji for “who” (だれ) I think to myself… I’ve never seen “だれ” written in kanji… … Continue reading

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It was twenty years ago today…

Eugene, OR: November 12, 1987. A friend at school tells me about these things called “BBSes” and loans me a Vicmodem, a cassette tape of Victerm… and some phone numbers. Up until that point, the Vic-20 I’d bought at the … Continue reading

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Boxes are neat.

Just about everyone likes having a nice neat box that they can slot their DVDs into. It’s one of those near-primal urges that has driven many a fan to spend way more money than they ought to. First you buy … Continue reading

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The Power of the Cute Compells You…

First things first:  My wife hates all things Haruhi with the passion of a thousand blazing suns. OK, to give her credit, she did watch the first three episodes with me.  She made a good-faith effort, but her tastes lean … Continue reading

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I hated “Last Action Hero”

And then I hated “The Purple Rose of Cairo” which I saw after I was told “Oh, Last Action Hero was just a rip off! You should see the original!” And now I have found a new level of hate … Continue reading

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“Remember when?”… Pioneer nostalgia.

So, I found out last month that Geneon – formerly Pioneer – is getting out of the US anime market. I’m guessing that other companies will probably be licensing Geneon titles, and that their demise probably won’t affect my being … Continue reading

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Photography: Not my strong point.

Trying to figure out how to take decent pictures of toys high quality anime figurines so I can be a right proper camwhore has been bugging me. Here’s a couple of examples, in this case using a “Shadow Lady” statue. … Continue reading

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How a random guy in Oregon would fix Gamestop.

OK. So Gamestop obviously isn’t “broken” – it’s the de facto leading US video game chain, the 900 lb. gorilla in the market, it makes money hand over fist and I suspect its stockholders are quite pleased with it. I’m … Continue reading

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