The Power of the Cute Compells You…

First things first:  My wife hates all things Haruhi with the passion of a thousand blazing suns.

OK, to give her credit, she did watch the first three episodes with me.  She made a good-faith effort, but her tastes lean more towards Wolf’s Rain, Pretear, Inuyasha, Gundam Wing, that sort of thing.  Shows with some angst… drama… pretty boys… you know, girly stuff.  We find common ground on Card Captor Sakura.  Who doesn’t love Card Captor Sakura?

Anyway, tonight she was looking at one of the shelves o’ toys  and said something unexpected.  Usually it’s more of an “oh, please” reaction, and I will admit that there are some figures that I buy solely to get the “oh, please” reaction.

Tonight it was “that’s cute.”

I looked where she was pointing.


I moved the super-deformed Gamera to the left.  I moved the small, purple Pokemon whose name I do not know to the right.

I said, “Point again.”

She pointed, quite clearly, to the Mikuru.

She’s starting to crack.  Soon I’ll have her doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance.

…on other topics…

I have been enjoying the second season of Genshiken and eagerly awaiting both volume 9 of the manga and a licensed version of the OVAs and the second TV series.

I bought volume 9 of the manga from Kinokuniya books some months ago, but of course it’s untranslated and my Japanese skills… not up to it.  I should try again now that I’ve got another 150 or so kanji more-or-less memorized.  The domestic version comes out the 27th of this month.

Anyway, it occurred to me that an awful lot of folks probably know and like Genshiken, or Comic Party, but may not have ever experienced Otaku no Video, so I thought I would plug that a bit.  Mind you, I’m not getting any kickback on this.

Otaku no Video tells the heartwarming story of a young lad about to go down the dreary path of Normal Japanese Life.  He’s in college, he has a girlfriend… He plays Tennis, for fun, and hangs out in bars with his car-obsessed buddies.  He’s a couple of years of school away from marrying the girl, having a couple of kids, and reporting to an office job for the next 40 years until retirement, punctuated only by the obligatory August-and-New-Years Vacations.

Then he meets a guy from High School who he hasn’t thought about in years… and Things Change.  It’s an epic story of shattered dreams, lost loves, climbs to success, betrayals, cosplay and extremely bouncy bunny girls.

The references are probably a bit dated for modern fans, but I strongly recommend it, especially if you are a Gainax or Kenichi Sonoda fan.

Here is a link to AnimEigo’s site which has a trailer for you to watch.  Of course, because AnimEigo has absolutely no marketing acuity, it’s a trailer for the second of the two OAVs on the disc and makes no sense at all.  I know they had a better trailer… you know, one that was funny and gave you some sense of the beginning of the story… back in the VHS/LD days, but that trailer does not appear here.

Otaku no Video (

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2 Responses to The Power of the Cute Compells You…

  1. frogflinger says:

    In my defense, I also said the Gamera was cute 🙂


  2. baudattitude says:

    Well, sure, the Gamera is cute, and it’s a rare and precious woman who sees that level of cute in a 50-meter turtle.


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