Speaking of pandering…

I think I’ve made my position very clear on just how I feel about being pandered to:  I’m in favor of it.

From the searches that bring people to this site – I’m not alone here.  People come here looking for anime girls with cat ears, or ninjas, or ninja girls, or anime ninja girls with cat ears.  If you’ve been brought here by a similar search, well, you are in good company.

Oddly enough, though, after you filter through the list of moe traits, the next most popular thing that brings people here is “Shadow of the Colossus”.  All I can say to that is that people have excellent taste in games.

In the spirit of pandering, I wanted to show off a character good that I bought at Nakano Broadway back in August, and then we can count all the groups it panders to together.

Haruhi Nekomini Jigsaw Puzzle

So, let’s see:

You’ve got your Haruhi fans.  And WE ARE LEGION.  This caters to us pretty well.  It’s got Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, AND Tsuruya-san, so it’s not like anyone’s favorite character is being left out… Well, unless your favorite character isn’t one of those four.  Hmm.  It’s got a good chance of not leaving anyone’s favorite character out, anyway.

You’ve got your nekomimi fans covered here, too, and your cosplay fans.

Unfortunately, it’s the post-glasses Nagato Yuki, so no pandering to us meganeko-lovers.  They missed a chance there.

And I suppose it also caters to anyone who just likes putting together jigsaw puzzles.  Who doesn’t like to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon putting together a jigsaw puzzle?   This doesn’t even look like a terribly difficult one. The orange background might be a little dicey, I guess.

So this gets a solid B+ on the pandering scale and still manages to stay on the good side of decency.  You could have this half-completed on a card table and have people over without fear of more than a raised eyebrow.

All that, and it was marked down to 800 Yen.

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