On Secret Weapons

So, I had to be on a conference call from home tonight, and my only role was to sit and listen for my name and answer questions if asked.  We’ve been having this call every night so far this week and I have yet to be called upon, so tonight I decided that I would start a new character in Dark Souls III, and make a melee build since I’d had such an annoying time playing it as a pure sorcerer build the first time around.

It worked out pretty well, until I decided to start going after the Sword Master just outside Firelink Shrine.  I’d killed him on my first playthrough because, well, I was playing a pure sorcerer build and could just blow him up at range.  As a melee character, he was not quite such a pushover, and I died a few times.

Then my wife walked in and saw that I was playing a game while I was technically supposed to be working, so she shook her finger at me and said “shame!” and then walked over and put her hands over my eyes.  While I was fighting him.

So I flailed around a bit and then decided that discretion was the better part of valor and just pushed the stick dead forward until she said “HOW CAN YOU EVEN SEE WHERE YOU’RE GOING” and took her hands away in disgust.

And my vision was restored just in time to see 2000 souls added to my total, because apparently he’d fallen off a cliff chasing me, and then I went and picked up the uchigatana from his spawn point.

I love these games.


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