Numbers! Part Two

Warning: Dreadfully dull post full of navel gazing ahead.

Last year around this time, I realized that I’d been keeping track of my backlog progress for seven years, and that I’d finished 250 games in those seven years, and then I spent some time breaking that down into numbers.

With another year down, and since I’ve been really trying to hit the backlog hard, I thought I’d follow it up with a sequel.

I’ve finished 62 games and expansions in the last year, which is pretty nuts.  I’ll admit that there are a couple of very short games in the mix there, and at least one shmup that I hated so much that I credit-fed to the end without shame.  Those are balanced out, I think, by the 150+ hours I put into Skyrim/Dragonborn/Dawnguard and the let’s-not-talk-about-it number of hours I spent finishing a pair of Everquest expansions.

By system, it breaks down to PC (27), PS4/PS3/PS2/Vita/PSP (16), Xbox/360/Windows Phone (13), and WiiU/Wii/3DS (6).   Only 13 of the games I finished were on portable systems.

The single biggest category was FPS (11), followed by Hidden Object (9) mostly because those have proven a fun way for my wife and I to spend a weekend evening.  The only other categories to break 5 games played were Rhythm (6), 3rd-person action (5), Horror (5) and Shmup (5).

All of those 3rd-person-action games were from the “Character Action Game” subgenre, which is basically a name created by people who want to make it very clear that they play Manly Action Games For Real Manly Men, rather than “Push A For Awesome” games like Assassin’s Creed.  That was Killer Is Dead, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, Oneechanbara Z2 Chaos and El Shaddai.

It is possibly the dumbest distinction I have come across in the gaming community, but there you have it.  It’s a pretty fun subgenre, anyway, if you can ignore the chest-thumping.

Surprisingly, considering all the jokes I make about fan-servicey games, I only played 5 that I’d put into the “Questionable” category.  While my mother might make disparaging comments about me wasting my life if she happened to visit, at least there weren’t many games I’d feel embarrassed about having left out on the coffee table.

Anyway, a very productive year of gaming.  I’ll hopefully forget to do this again next year 🙂


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