How Pink Am I?


I am pretty goddamn pink, I tell you what.

Not a whole lot of comments on FFXIV just yet, as I’m still in the pre-level-10 stage of running around and collecting between three and six animal body parts for people who send me off to collect animal body parts.  It’s kind of nice not playing a f2p MMO, for whatever that’s worth; there’s not the sense of having a cash shop lurking around every corner.

I’m also still playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, so I may be spreading myself a little thin. I’m about 26 hours in, though, and I just picked up the last party member, so I think the actual story is about to kick off. Maybe?

Waifu roster so far: one childhood friend, one under-aged catgirl, one under-aged sorceress, one over-endowed sorceress, a SUPER genki slacker meganekko and an airhead with wings who can’t fly. Japan, you’ve outdone yourself.


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