Cleaning all the things

It’s rare that my wife makes me sit down and read something funny on the internet.  Usually she’s content to describe funny things, or occasionally forward me a particularly amusing cat picture, but she doesn’t make me read anything longform often.

So, when she made me read a blog called “Hyperbole and a Half”, it was a pretty unusual thing, and it was even more unusual when I found a post that made me decide that I should actually get off my butt and get some stuff done before school starts (in a week).

So, today I managed to get all the stuff from the “shred this” bin shredded (and, I will admit, there was stuff in there from 2008 that still needed to be shredded, and that had actually been MOVED twice), called not one but TWO banks to get assorted financial things sorted out, paid the car insurance, did some address updates that should have been done when we moved four months ago, and dove into the closet in my office and did some organizing.

Then I made a BIG decision, which was to find a place where the shredder could be plugged in permanently and then to get rid of the “shred this” bin.  It doesn’t make any sense to have a bin to hold stuff that needs to be shredded when I could just be shredding it as needed and avoid having to destroy nearly 2 years worth of paper at once, especially because I burned out one shredder halfway through the project and had to go spend $40 on a new one.

Oh, and I took out the trash, except for the two bags of shredded paper that won’t fit in it and that will need to go out over the next couple of weeks.

So, I didn’t clean ALL the things, or actually do much cleaning at all, but it was one of those days that made me feel like I’d actually been an adult for a little while, which is not in the least mitigated by having her sit down with me for an hour and a half while we finished Assassin’s Creed II together.  More on ACII in a day or two.

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