You need to spend $10 right now.

For the record, I had originally intended to entitle this post “Buy it, Fanboy”, but then I couldn’t remember where I’d gotten that phrase from so I had to google it and well…

…I’m a bit ashamed.

I think the “Fanboy” thing was a Lobo thing in the beginning, to be honest, but Giffen liked to use it in his comics.

I was going to bash on Giffen a bit here and blame him for Fate, but then I did a little more research and found that this was actually a relaunch for the series and that the “Fate” character actually had 23 issues drawn by a different guy.  Here’s a sample page from that:

The guy in the green and red is Alan Scott, better known as the Golden Age Green Lantern, though at this point he was going by Sentinel for no good reason.  Take a moment and try to figure out which of his arms could actually bend, if you dare.

Anyway, despite being reminded of and a little bit scarred by a low point of 90s comic book history, I managed to pull myself together and come up with a slightly less punchy but nonetheless perfectly adequate post title, which I am going to feel satisfied about.


deep satisfaction

Oh, right, and the thing you should spend $10 on: somehow managed to navigate the horrid rights issues surrounding Planescape: Torment, and you can now get your very own DRM-free legit copy from them, like, right now.

So go do that, and maybe I won’t post any more pages of Fate.

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