The Maid Uniform and Machinegun

I usually try to come up with clever post titles, but how on earth do I out-clever a game title like that?

Anyway: The Maid Uniform and Machinegun, #105 in the “Simple 2000” series.

Simple Series 105 The Maid Uniform and Machine Gun

Do I NEED to say this is a Japan-only release?

Awesome title aside, It’s actually kind of a fun premise.  You’re a maid robot who’s been sent back in time to protect the child-self of the guy sending you back in time.  You point out that there’s a bit of a time paradox there, but it doesn’t matter – you get sent back anyway.

In blatant violation of the Rules of Time Travel as set down by the “Terminator” movies, you arrive fully dressed.  It’s Not That Kind Of Game.

You arrive with a basic maid outfit, a basic sword, a basic handgun, a basic sniper rifle and a basic assault rifle.  If this sounds familiar to you… it’s sort of like HoiHoi-san.  Same idea; you run around, do missions, win them and get points, use the points to buy upgrades.

Now, if it were me sending a maid robot back to protect my child self, and I was rich enough to afford maid robots and time machines, I would kit my maid robot out with some pretty nasty futuristic weapons and not make her scrounge up the cash to buy them herself.  But I digress.

It’s not like HoiHoi-san in that HoiHoi-san actually has, well, production values.  This game, on the other hand, is a Simple 2000 game, which means that you’re not really getting 2000 yen worth out of it, but it’s so cheap and has such a bizarre concept that you can’t keep yourself from buying it.

So: with your basic set of weapons, you set about trashing a bunch of vicious little doll robot thingies.  After a couple levels of that, you get to pull out the sniper rifle and snipe at rocket-propelled doll robot thingies and Ominous Black Cars from a balcony.

After each of these levels, you get scored based upon your performance.  You get better marks for using your sword instead of a gun, for doing combo attacks, for avoiding damage, that sort of thing.  I was racking up the points fairly well and starting to look forward to upgrading my basic assault rifle…

And then I hit level 4.

In level 4, you fight through a bunch of little doll robots and mecha piloted by little doll robots and then meet the Other Maid Robot, because of course you need an antagonist.

She’s blond, by the way, I guess blondes are evil?

Anyway, the Other Maid Robot wiped the floor with me about a half-dozen times.

Now, to be fair, you DO get some points after you get the Game Over screen, and in theory I could save up these points and keep playing through the level up to the point where I get into the boss fight and lose… eventually I’d have enough points to seriously kit-out my robot maid self.


It would be a lot of replaying the same level over and over again in order to afford upgrades, and even with them I’m not sure I’d stand a chance.

So I’m giving up for now.   Time spent replaying level 4 of this game is time better spent playing, well, just about anything else.

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