My Chemistry Teacher Comes Clean.


So I took an online chemistry course last term and it was an exercise in frustration, not the least because the instructor took his own bloody sweet time about getting our assignments graded.

Put this way:  During the course of the term, we had nine lab assignments, nine bookwork assignments, a midterm, a final, and a term project.

As of the day of the final, we’d gotten grades for four of the bookwork assignments, two of the labs, and the midterm.

So: We all went into the final without having gotten any feedback on 2/3rds of our work for the term, and a couple of my fellow students quite rightly took the professor to task about this on the class forum.

His response, unedited:

no i let it go too long and shouldn’t have. i knew alot of people were drop (statistically 50% do) so i knew if i waited a while, i would halve the amount or grading. But I shouldn’t have left you hanging like that. apologies.

You know, I have tried several times to come up with an appropriately scathing slam.  I just can’t do it.  Every time I try, I get about a paragraph in and realize that it’s an incoherent mess of rage.

At least the class is over and I can look forward to next term… after my Psych exam today, anyway.

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