Dumb luck.

So, I’ve been looking for Planescape: Torment for a while now.

This is the Infinity Engine RPG that always seems to come up when people start talking about Really Good RPGs.  It’s got enough of a Reputation that I’m willing to believe that it’s more than just hype backing it up.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find for a reasonable price.  Amazon and eBay sellers tend to ask on the order of $50… for the CDs only.  Boxed copies go for $insane.

This might be excusable if it were a particularly hard to find game, perhaps from a boutique publisher, perhaps with a terribly low print run.

But, no.  This game sold over 400,000 copies and got a budget-priced re-release.  At any given time, there’s a good half-dozen copies up on eBay.  It’s not a rare game.

It just happens to be one that people are willing to pay a premium for, or perhaps that people aren’t willing to sell for less than a premium price.

Either way, it wasn’t available in my price range.

Until… I was looking at my Amazon recommendations last week and I saw a “New and used available from $8.00”

…$8.00?  Yes, please!

I really didn’t expect much at that price.  Honestly, I figured my $8.00 + shipping was going to vanish into the ether, like the last time I bought anything off Amazon Marketplace, but I also figured that it was worth the risk.

It paid off, anyway, because the game arrived today.

Let’s hear it for dumb luck.  🙂

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