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Ugly First Level Syndrome

So, the first time I put “Prey” in the 360 and gave it a spin, I made it through 2 levels, took it out and put it aside for later. That takes about 20 minutes. It didn’t grab me.  And … Continue reading

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Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be fanboys.

…lest they find themselves, someday, in the position of having way too much obsolete media around and an obsessive-compulsive need to convert it to modern formats. I’ve been doing a bunch more VHS-to-MPEG2 capture, followed up by MPEG2-to-Divx encode lately.  … Continue reading

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Well, finally got around to saving the world.

So, back in 2002, I wasn’t really in the market for a new videogame console. I’d bought an import Dreamcast in 1999 before the US launch, bought a US Dreamcast a few months after that so I could play cheaper … Continue reading

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Prey: It’s dark and brown.

I’ve stepped away from my compulsive shump playing for a little bit to get back to the backlog, and I’m putting Prey through its paces.  I’m about a third of the way through the game, if the achievements are to … Continue reading

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A bit more on Triggerheart Exelica.

I was a bit remiss earlier when I was trying to help a reader get the “True Ending” in Triggerheart Exelica. See, I was under the impression that all it took was to finish the game on one credit, without … Continue reading

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My faithful readers…

…you’re all perverts. Well, at least some of you are. And that’s not anything to be ashamed of, really, though possibly not something you want to work into casual water cooler conversation. Case in point: One of the nice things … Continue reading

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It is done.

I have faced evil, and I have sneered in its cute little face. Strictly speaking, the PSP version of Lemmings does come with 36 PSP-specific levels, but they have been thoughtful enough to split them off on to their own … Continue reading

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Backlog: Insanity Defined.

Lemmings, which I’ve been ranting about lately, is not the OLDEST game on my backlog, even if it does date back to 1991. Put this way: I have memories of playing Pong at OMSI in Portland. Obviously Pong doesn’t really … Continue reading

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PSP Lemmings and the joy of bugs.

So I’m chugging along in Lemmings on the PSP, and it’s going pretty well.  I’ve had to look up the solution to a couple of “Mayhem” levels so far but I’ve gotten to Mayhem 23 mostly on my own. And … Continue reading

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Lemmings: The Progress So Far

When I last mentioned Lemmings, I admitted that, despite having purchased the game four times so far since its release back in 1991, I’d never gotten very far with it.  As best as I can figure, I think I stopped … Continue reading

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