My faithful readers…

…you’re all perverts.

Well, at least some of you are. And that’s not anything to be ashamed of, really, though possibly not something you want to work into casual water cooler conversation.

Case in point:

One of the nice things WordPress does for me is let me see what search terms lead people to come here and check out the site. It lets me see what people want to see more of, so I can try to keep things interesting.

Today, someone came to baudattitude looking for, I will quote, “pokemon misty being a bad girl”

I don’t think I had what they were looking for.

In fact, I know for a certainty that I didn’t have what they were looking for.

But, that was just too good of a search term not to throw it into Google Image Search with the SafeSearch knob turned firmly to the “off” position.

Well, while this isn’t That Sort of Blog, I have to admit that, yes, Misty is sometimes a very bad girl indeed, at least if fan artists have anything to say about it.





OK, everyone who just opened a new tab and ran the same search, or at least considered it as something to do when you’re no longer browsing the web on your employer’s time: You would fit the category I mentioned earlier. Everyone else, you should feel proud of your moral quality.

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