Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be fanboys.

…lest they find themselves, someday, in the position of having way too much obsolete media around and an obsessive-compulsive need to convert it to modern formats.

I’ve been doing a bunch more VHS-to-MPEG2 capture, followed up by MPEG2-to-Divx encode lately.  Feels like actual productivity to watch the stack of videotapes-to-convert slowly dwindle and the stack of videotapes-to-give-to-Goodwill grow.  From a rough eyeball, I have about 60 tapes to go, which means that I’ve gone through about 40 in the last couple of weeks.  A good pace, that.

On the other hand, I’m also learning that time has not been kind to some of these tapes, something that I suppose really shouldn’t surprise me.  It doesn’t help that lots of these are second-and-third-generation copies of off-air broadcasts and didn’t have the greatest picture quality to start with. At least I’m saving them now, before they can decay any more.  🙂

On another topic, I’ve gotten a bit more of the way through “Prey” and, as much as I gave the developers grief for the blood-and-alien-poo theme of the first several levels, the scenery has gotten really quite impressive, starting at the point where you first get your hands on an alien shuttle and get outside the ship for the first time.

Oh, and grabbing nasty slimy icky aliens with the shuttle’s tractor beam and dropping them from very high places to their nasty slimy icky deaths is great fun.

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