Well, finally got around to saving the world.

So, back in 2002, I wasn’t really in the market for a new videogame console. I’d bought an import Dreamcast in 1999 before the US launch, bought a US Dreamcast a few months after that so I could play cheaper domestic games, and I’d realized that I just wasn’t playing console games much with the whole Everquest habit in full swing.

I knew that Sony had released the PS2 and I was vaguely aware of a console from Microsoft that you could play Halo on, but I didn’t know Nintendo had a new console. I kind of thought the Nintendo 64 was still going strong. Like I said, not really tuned in to the market.

Then I was visiting a friend and he wanted to show off his new Gamecube and the two games he’d bought for it: Super Monkey Ball and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

And the next day my wife and I went out and bought a Gamecube and a copy of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

And we played through quite a lot of the game, all the way up to Michael’s story, which is the next-to-last level of the game, and then we stopped for some reason.

And every time we thought about going back to it, it was like, well, if we did that we wouldn’t know where we left off, so we’d need to start from the beginning and, like, ugh.

So it’s been sitting on the shelf mocking us for almost six years.

Until yesterday, when we decided, damnit, we’re going to DO THIS THING and sat down, together, in front of the Wii.

With, I will admit, a copy of the strategy guide, because, damnit, if we were going to play through 90% of the game a second time, we were going to do it as fast as possible.

And after two days of 6+ hour play sessions, we succeeded in our efforts to save the world from the horrific machinations of the Ancients, and all was well again.

It was still worth buying a Gamecube to play this. I believe this very strongly. It’s an excellent game, one of the few instances of Lovecraft Done Right in modern media.

And it’s a hell of a thing to be able to sit down with your wife for a couple of days and spend some Couple Time hacking up zombies together.

It’s good to marry a geek.

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