I’m still a man, really.

I try not to have multiple games going at the same time, but my wife and I started Kingdom Hearts this weekend.  It makes a nice “together” game in the way that Half Life 2 does not make a nice together game.  I don’t play FPS games in a way that’s watchable by anyone who doesn’t want to get motion sickness.

I fervently believe that you can be a full-blooded 100% male and still enjoy Kingdom Hearts.  Running around Disney-themed worlds collecting dalmatian puppies with Donald and Goofy as your traveling companions is Not Really That Questionable, especially as you, uh, you, uh, you’re a kid with a big damn key as your weapon and a relationship with your best friend that has no doubt featured in a thousand doujinshi…

You know, I give up.  I can’t really justify this one from a manliness standpoint, but it’s a good couples game.

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