I can has real ending plz?

OK, OK, it could have been much worse.

The cliffhanger at the end of Half Life 2 wasn’t as bad of an ending as, say, Halo 2, and it probably won’t be TOO long until they get Episode 3 out and I can pick them up and finish out the story.

Still, it did make for a WAS THAT IT? moment.  At least the box art for HL2: Episode 1 does kind of keep me from worrying too much about whether Alyx lives.  🙂

Griping about cliffhangers aside, an excellent game and I can see why it got hyped to high heaven and why everyone raves on and on about how cool the Gravity Gun is.

Next up: Finish Kingdom Hearts and enlist my wife’s help in bashing through Champions of Norrath.

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