Next up!

It looks like the next game off the stack is Shining Tears. This breaks the “No RPGs!” rule I set when I started this catchup project, but my job hunt is starting to look promising and eBaying stuff is taking up time and I’m having to decide what games I really want to see through.

Shining Tears made the super short list. There’s a few reasons, but it boils down to: I haven’t played a Shining game in an awfully long time, and the series is a significant one for me.

See, back when I met my wife, we were both kind of gamer geeks. We both had a Genesis AND a SNES and a small library of games – with almost zero overlap.

I had the first couple of Sonic games, Phelios, Whip Rush, Street Fighter II, the Ranma fighting games for the Super Famicom, Megadrive Valis and SD Valis, Alisia Dragoon… that kind of thing. Platform games, shooters, fighting games.

She had a couple of games from my genres – Super Star Wars, Jurassic Park, the SNES Ranma game, but the bulk of her library was titles like Final Fantasy III, Phantasy Star 2 & 3, Lufia… in short, she had a bunch of RPGs.

I was not a big RPG person.

They were bloody expensive!

Final Fantasy III was something like $80 – insane!

Most important for the purpose of this rambling post you’re suffering through, she had Shining Force 1 & 2, games I had written off as WAY too complicated just from hearing about them. I knew almost nothing about them except that you could have some ungodly number of characters in an army, but it was enough to convince me that they were too much for me.

Then one day while I was watching her play Shining Force 2, she did something evil and wrong – she handed me the controller.

That’s where the console RPG habit started. I think we actually stopped playing Shining Force 2 and she had me start Shining Force 1 from the beginning, which then became the first console RPG I played through to the end. Eventually we went back to the sequel, and Lufia, and played through at least two endings of Phantasy Star III…

But I haven’t actually finished a Shining game since Shining Wisdom on the Saturn.

So – with the potential of actually getting back to being a productive member of society looming, it’s time I got down to it.

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4 Responses to Next up!

  1. frogflinger says:

    I don’t think Lufia was mine — at least, I don’t think I had it when we met. And I thought you had played Phantasy Star I before you met me — at least, you were able to point out the references to the girl and her cat in the third game that I didn’t get, having not played any of the previous ones….

    You are making me want to play through the Shining Force games again, darn you, and I didn’t bring the GBA carts with me — EVIL! 🙂


  2. baudattitude says:

    OK, I’d played a little Phantasy Star I on the Master System, but that wasn’t enough to turn me into an RPG fan – it was the only console RPG I’d tried and I gave up at some point after getting fed up with one dungeon full of pit traps.

    It took your evil ways to get me hooked.

    And you did have Lufia, I recall you being quite proud of having found a copy.


  3. frogflinger says:

    Hmm, I think I remember that dungeon from when I tried to play it — it just wasn’t worth mapping the darn thing out in order to get through it, when there were other games to be played 🙂

    Ok, I’ll take your word for it on Lufia — apparently, I have such a bad association with it now that I had to deny any responsibility for bringing it into the house 🙂


  4. baudattitude says:

    Man, I should really get around to playing Lufia II one of these days.



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