Piles o’ stuff

…that’s what our living room is full of now.

One pile o’ Jaguar & Jaguar CD stuff.

One pile o’ Nintendo 64 stuff.

One pile o’ Virtual Boy stuff.

One very small pile o’ 3DO stuff.

One pile o’ SNES carts.

One pile o’ Genesis and Master System carts.

One pile o’ Lynx stuff

Let’s hope there’s some folks on eBay that want obscure failed videogame consoles.

No picture because it’s really shameful.

On the plus side, all the systems that are being held on to are better organized.  I had TurboGrafx stuff spread across like 5 boxes, now it’s all in one.  All the Gameboy carts are re-boxed and their manuals found and put in said boxes, same with the Neo Geo Pocket Color.  Dreamcast and Saturn stuff is kind of mixed together, but that’s fine for now.  Trying to decide if the Atari 8-bit stuff is staying or going.  Couldn’t follow through on my plan of purging ALL the SNES and Genesis stuff, I just don’t have the will power.  At least it’s more under control now.

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