This is one of our cats.  Her name is Willow.  Isn’t she cute?


Of course, while she’s being so cute and all that, she’s lying directly on my homework and my student loan paperwork, using my Literature book as a pillow, and resisting all subtle attempts to convince her that I’d really prefer she pick somewhere else for her catnaps / grooming sessions.

No other lifeform could get away with it.

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2 Responses to Cats!

  1. jabberwockyschlamydia says:

    Ahh. One of my cats like to sleep on the keyboard. Another likes to just sit right in front of the monitor looking at you angrily for not feeding him.. I like to poke them with pencils but it normally results in screaming “NO.. Don’t set that on FIRE!!!”

    Cats, gotta love their fur infestation and psychotic tendencies,


  2. baudattitude says:

    It’s hard to see in that picture, but my desk has a built-in keyboard drawer and monitor stand, for precisely the reasons you mention… and I use a monitor with built-in (and not very good) speakers because I was tired of fishing the speakers out from behind the desk.

    I’ll try the pencils thing. Our cats don’t yet know how to light anything on fire.


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