More on piles o’ stuff

It took far too long – six hours or so I’m guessing – but everything for eBay has been hooked up, tested, and photographed. Now I need to get the auctions going and I’ll be in a good mood for about a week, until it comes time to ship it all anyway. I am very surprised that the 3DO is still holding game saves from 10 years ago.

I think when all is said and done I’ll have eliminated my collections for around 20 different video game systems and classic computers. That’s a lot of storage space back.

I haven’t been staying inside working on a purge ALL day, though – I have a friend who pays far too much attention to local restaurants, so when he found a place that reputedly had the biggest chicken fried steak around, he invited several people out for a morning hike followed by a late breakfast at this joint.

It was a good hike and, well, certainly a BIG chicken fried steak, but I’ll be mum as to the quality. The separate plate of eggs and pancakes was rather good, though – also enormous. I could have eaten quite well having either plate by itself – as it was, I managed to eat both down about halfway.

I was complaining about not being able to finish and one member of the group – who I’d only met recently – made a comment along the lines of “well, you’re kind of a small guy for that much food”, which made for much amusement all around on the part of the people who remember me from my days near 300lbs.

Here are some disturbing images so you can see the amount of food that got piled in front of every person at the table – excluding the two guys who had the foresight to order one of these and split it between them.

Plate one:


Plate two:


I’m thinking that I MIGHT need to eat again sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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