Memorial day weekend…

Unfortunately I don’t know many veterans – only one, actually. My father-in-law served in Vietnam, but it seems kind of weird to call him up and say, uh, “thanks”

So, like most Americans, I took the opportunity of this long weekend to go, well, shopping.

The Mac mini we use as our home theater PC has hit the limits of its 100GB internal drive and 160GB external drive. Down to something under 10GB free on each. Not good.

Office Depot had MyBook 500GB external hard drives on sale for $139, which will be $99 if the promised rebate actually appears.

I still have to actually, you know, hook it up, but once it’s connected we shouldn’t have to worry about free space on the mini for some while.

Then my wife and I went to the nearby… heaven help us both… the nearby outlet mall. With me bitching the whole way about how there was nothing there but clothing stores.

I managed to keep up a pretty good chain of gripes until we went into the Eddie Bauer outlet, then I kind of broke down and bought a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis and 3 shirts. I have to confess this because, you see, I was the one bitching about clothing stores and now I am shamed. I also spent WAY too much at the Jockey outlet store because something I realized in the changing room at Eddie Bauer is this: When you go from a 44 waist to a 36 waist, you need to buy more than just new pants. Not something anyone ever mentions when they talk about weight loss. 🙂

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