The Week of Homework

Good thing about taking two online courses in the same term from the same teacher – you get to know them, which is important when both are writing / english related.  I’m of the opinion that at least half of your grade in any fluffy class (fluffy: anything from the “arts & letters” or “social science” sections of the catalog, and yes I’m an arts major) depends on your rapport with the instructor – so building that rapport, very important, just to make it all circular.

Bad thing:  She arranged both classes so the draft of the final project is due in the same week.  This week.  And of course, when I was picking a project topic for the literature class, I went for the one – write a short story – where I had to be creative instead of blurfing up 3 pages worth of selected quotes surrounded by some pretty sounding language, which is 2/3rds of literary criticism as I understand it.

So this week is a bit nasty.  I’ve made a list of all the things I have to accomplish this week and I’ve burned through most of the little ones, like the weekly quiz, all the reading, and the non-project related discussion posts… now I need to knuckle down and bang out the hard stuff.  By Thursday at noon.  Oi vey.

Bitching here isn’t very productive, except that it’s helping me wind down from the half hour of Deux Ex that was supposed to help me wind down from the homework.  🙂

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