Tonight, I took some photos of our Christmas tree and our attempts to make our cats hang out under the tree or look up at the tree in cute ways.

They, honestly, would prefer not to be anywhere near the tree, which is a Good and Proper thing, as if they aren’t near the tree they can’t get the ornaments off it or knock it over.  This was intended, and in fact engineered, and I will describe how we did this:

As soon as the tree got put up this year, I brought out their Most Hated Object in the house.  That is to say, their cat carrier.  It is the Horrid Portal which takes them to the Animal Hospital for their periodic checkups.

I opened the cat carrier.  The sound of the clips springing open sent both cats flying for the safety of Being Under Something.

Then we left the cat carrier open, in front of the tree, all night.

This worked well from my point of view, as neither cat attacked the tree after that, but then came the bit where my wife thought it would be cute to have some pictures with the cats interacting with the tree.  When they need therapy, it’s her fault.

Anyway, we coaxed them into being nearish the tree for long enough to get some photos, and then I went to try to get them on to the PC.

I think I need to charge my camera, because the normally quick process of “Plug camera in.  Scanner and Camera wizard launches.  Transfer photos.” wasn’t working.

Instead, I got a progress bar that never stopped, and so I hit the helpfully provided Cancel button.

The cancel button changed, as follows:



I tried pushing the button.  It didn’t do anything.  Which is to say, it depressed, but with no discernible effect.  I pressed it a few more times, for the hell of it, and then left it going.  I unplugged the camera 10 minutes ago, and it still says “Wait…”

I’m not sure if it’s just a really poorly coded button, or if it’s some programmer’s attempt at Zen.

Either way, it’s probably only funny if you’re a bit of a geek, but that’s my intended audience here.  🙂

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