2 Weeks and Out, Man

Two weeks left until graduation – well, graduation from my 2 year college, anyway.

I have one term paper and two presentations still to do, and I’ve only written a rough draft of one of the presentations.  I should be more worried about this, I think.

After that, we’re packing up our entire lives into, presumably, a fairly sizable moving truck and hitting the road to our new digs, already rented and fairly palatial.  A lot of packing to be done, of course, and a lot of taking books /DVDs / etc to the appropriate used stores.

I so prefer the Japanese term, “Recycle Shop”, and think we should adopt it as a country.  I realize this to be fairly unlikely.

One thing that was moderately painful – we have a whole bunch of untranslated manga that we moved up from Los Angeles, there are no local used Japanese bookstores to buy it and I don’t want to try selling tankoubans on eBay considering that I’d probably lose any profits in shipping with their new policies.

I wound up tossing a full bookshelf’s worth into the paper recycling bin.  At least they’re going to a better place.

Still getting along in Jeanne, though I turned off the PSP in disgust for the first time.  There’s a fight where you have to kill two bosses and only have 12 turns to do it, and I lost solely because one of the bosses ran away and was faster than any of my characters – I could easily have set up a trap for her if I’d known which way she was going to run, and now that I’ve SEEN how the fight goes it shouldn’t be a problem on the second go, but it really seems like it was rigged.

rarr rarr rant rant

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