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August 26, 2014

Well, a couple of days after that last post, I wrapped up Deathsmiles.  I never quite managed to 1cc it, which is a little embarrassing, but my best run consisted of me getting to the very last level without taking a single hit, derping, and losing two lives in roughly 10 seconds to enemies that I’d never had any trouble dodging before.  I finished that run with only one continue, so I’m just going to call it good.  I played through enough times to see all 10 (!) endings and wound up with about 700 of 1000 gamerscore.  Considering my past record with bullet-hell shooters, I’m pretty happy.

I have Deathsmiles IIDX sitting on the shelf, and I’m tempted to dive right in to it, but on the other hand I have an awful lot of Suda51 games still and I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything he’s put his mark on.


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