Curse you, Penguin-hugging girl.

I can’t figure out how to unlock Miyuri in the free battle mode in Suchie Pai III Remix for the DS.

Apart from that, I’ve beaten the game with every character and gotten their “good” ending, so I think I can consider this game finished.

As far as mahjong games go, the Suchie Pai series have always been very forgiving of people who aren’t very good at mahjong.  It’s actually very easy to win matches without running your opponent out of points, because they usually have a little concentration game that you can play after you win a hand.  You make matches to get power ups.  If you clear the board in the concentration game, you win the match no matter how many points your opponent has, so you’re usually going into the next opponent with a handful of power ups collected.

Suchie Pai III remix makes the concentration game a little more essential.  See, you play six matches, and in the concentration game for each match are hidden two pieces of a medallion.

If you complete five medallions throughout the first six matches, you get to fight the secret boss, and then you get the character’s best ending, whoever you’re playing as.

If you manage to run your opponent out of points before you find the medallions, or if you get lucky and hit a “panel clear” (instant win) power up, you wind up not getting the medallions for the match.  So if you win TOO quickly, you wind up not getting the best endings.

This leads to some situations where you need to take a deliberate loss in order to let your opponent build up their points a little bit more so you have more time at the concentration game.  It’s an interesting bit of strategy.

The over-the-top power up-based story mode is nicely supplanted by a free battle mode where you can pick various characters from earlier Suchie Pai games and play one-on-one mahjong with them.  No power ups, no concentration game, just a straight-up mahjong game where both sides start with 30000 points and you go back and forth until one of you wins.

Oh, and being a DS game, there’s no nudity, so you don’t have to feel too ashamed playing this one.  You’re still a bit of a perv, but at least you can justify it as “It’s just mahjong!  Look!  No jubblies!”

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