Important Milestones.

I reached an important, nay, critical moment in PS3 ownership this week.

Our local “Fred Meyer’s” had the collector’s edition of “Stranglehold” on clearance for $24.95, with all clearance items being discounted an additional 20%.

So now I own my first PS3 game, and after only four months of console ownership!

Hopefully it will wipe the horrible painful memories of trying to get the PC version to work out of my head.

Another way to look at it:  I’ve now purchased the movie “Hard Boiled” for the third time.

This last week also saw the purchases of Kingdom Hearts II, because, well, I’d like to see the rest of the story even if I’ve heard horror stories about the Atlantea level in this one, Patapon for the PSP because everyone is raving about it and the poor PSP has been somewhat neglected lately, Persona 3 FES because I needed another 70 hr RPG to not play and to feel guilty about, and Heavenly Guardian because it looked cute and I liked the Pocky & Rocky games on the SNES.

I’m really not good at clearing out a backlog.

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