It is, it is, a glorious thing

A couple of Christmases ago, I was gifted a copy of Bomberman Land Touch.  And I was mightily perplexed when I put it into my DS and was greeted with, well, something rather different than I expected.

I know Bomberman.  I deeply enjoy Bomberman.  I have spent many happy hours with friends playing Bomberman, and I had certain preconceptions as to what a game called “Bomberman”-anything ought to contain.

This involves running around a maze, picking up powerups, and trying to blow your friends up.  Bizarre and incoherent trash-talking is a side benefit.  I once had a friend shout, in the throes of battle, that he was “On me, like a bag of chips.”

I have never understood this.

Bomberman Land Touch has none of that, at least not in the single player mode.  What it has instead is a collection of bomb-themed mini games and a not-terribly-deep story to give you a reason to play through all the mini games.  You’re a visitor to a pirate-themed amusement park, with the ultimate goal being to defeat the pirate lord and be crowned the Pirate King.  Hence the Gilbert & Sullivan reference above.

It’s taken me this long to play through, because the game drags at first.  Of course you can’t just start at mini game 1, beat it, move on to mini game 2, and continue to mini game 36.  That would be far too easy.  Instead, you collect assorted chits and doohickies that you get by beating the mini games, running errands for the residents of the park, and solving assorted adventure-game style puzzles.

By which I mean, you have an inventory that slowly fills with assorted outfits and bombs and you’ll wind up using each and every one of them at some point or another in order to solve a puzzle.

It never gets all Roberta Williams on you, though – there aren’t any really obtuse leaps of illogic to make.  Major points in that regard.

As your chits accumulate, you can unlock gates in the park that let you get to more attractions and new areas and meet more park residents who need errands run, and this is much more satisfying than I’m making it sound.

At any rate, I managed to achieve my goal tonight, and I was crowned the Pirate King, and I got a good laugh out of the end credits when they suggested I try the whole thing over again, this time in Hard Mode.

I don’t know the meaning of the term “Hard Mode”

But I do know that I’m glad to have another game finished.

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