This won’t help my GPA any…

Started Puzzle Quest today.

I just lost four hours. It was just after 7 PM at latest the last time I looked at a clock and now it’s pushing midnight.

And my stylus elbow hurts like crazy.

I’m blaming aliens. If there’s one thing watching the “X-files” taught me, it’s that missing time means alien involvement somehow.

The mysterious pain in my arm – also probably aliens.

Can’t be that I’ve been playing Bejeweled against Giant Rats for all that time. That would be silly.

Edit: I like Bejeweled. Everyone likes Bejeweled. But after 8 hours of playing Bejeweled-the-RPG, I am SO very much done with it. The item-and-spell-crafting parts of the game, in particular, crushed my soul.

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