Jumpin’ Jack Flash IS, in fact, a gas, gas, gas.

One of the first Nintendo DS games I bought was Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, and it is a glorious game.  I spent far too many hours playing it and then going back to songs and trying to get higher ranks on them.

I never managed to beat Ready, Steady Go on anything harder than the easiest level, though, which is kind of sad I guess.

Then I bought Ouendan 2 last year, a few months after it came out, and didn’t get quite as sucked into it.  I beat it on easy and then put it aside in favor of starting something new.

At some point, I ran across a cheap copy of Elite Beat Agents and bought it – I resisted buying it at full price because, well, my reasoning was that it was just a localized version of the original game, and how good could it be after the conversion?

That’s sat around, untouched, for a few months while I was working on the PSP Appreciation Project.

I finally decided to get around to trying it out 3 days ago.

I have what I fear may be a permanent stylus groove etched into my tappin’ thumb now.  It’s a much better conversion than I expected, and the gameplay – not necessarily the songs list or the storyline, but the gameplay – is much improved from the first game.   EBA adds things like being able to skip through animations and get right back to playing a song after you fail it, and an “instant replay” that lets you see the part of the song where you failed so you can get a feel for how the notes are laid out without necessarily playing back through the song to that point.

It’s also a lot easier, which is nice for people like me who don’t do well with hard games.  I’ve beaten the game on the easy and normal levels already and gotten through about half of hard.  That’s where I took the cartridge out of the DS and put it away because I have homework to do and it will not get done if I can just flip open the DS and “try one more song.”

Bluntly:  It’s a really good game, and if you can put up with a song list that is guaranteed to contain at least ONE song that will, no matter how diverse your musical tastes, annoy the heck out of you, you should give it a try.

Oh – there is one exception to the “easier” rule.   Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a right bitch of a song to tap through.  It is, however, a song that I can put up with hearing over and over again, so it’s not too bad that it’s the bottleneck.  🙂

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