More Home Smartifying

Nothing video game related today.  The two things I have been playing are Far Cry: New Dawn and the most recent World of Warcraft expansion.  Considering how Far Cry 5 ended, I’m going to wait until the end of New Dawn before I say anything about it, and I have some …complex… emotions to sort through before I can talk about Shadowlands so I should probably put that off as well.

Instead, take a look at this adorable piece of surveillance technology!

Who’s a cute little HD camera? It’s you!

My smart home setup has increased slightly in complexity since my post of a few days ago. I’ve added another switched outlet for another lamp, and yet another switched outlet that the Chromecast Ultra is plugged in to.  This last is because, for some reason, the Chromecast Ultra likes to completely power off Sony TVs.  Like, when you go to turn your TV on after a while, it has to go through the entire boot cycle from the Android logo on.  So I have a switched outlet so I can turn the Chromecast on when I want it and off when I don’t.

Then I bought this little Wyze Cam because, well, I am getting older and I have this annoying THING where I pull out of the garage and get about 5 minutes away and then I have this crippling feeling of dread about whether I closed the garage door or not.  By this point, I think my wife can recognize the little sound I make when this hits me, and it means that we’re going to be turning around and driving back and confirming that yes, the garage door IS closed only now we are going to be ten minutes late for wherever we were going.

So I set this up and pointed it at the garage door.

That gray… lump… is one of our cats.  The corner of the car hood he’s on is the corner that is warmest when the car has been recently driven.  The car has not been driven in six days. He is eternally hopeful that there will be warmth.

It also has pretty good night vision.

So.  Total price of camera, something like 25 bucks.  In future, when I have that moment’s dread about whether the door is closed, I can check it in a few seconds thanks to the power of The Cloud.  We’re truly living in the future.

On the other hand, I could have done without this weird gamification.  That is my only complaint.  I’m just setting up cameras, here, not trying to beat my step count.

Next time: I will probably talk about WoW, or Far Cry.  Or maybe I will have another one of these posts that only serves to further fragment the idea of whatever the heck the topic of this blog is supposed to be.




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