Nico Nico Nioh

2018 has been a very calm year so far. I went more than a little nuts trying to finish ALL THE GAMES in 2017 – and, while I’m quite happy that I was able to get through a hundred and thirty different titles by the time December wrapped up, I’m not feeling anywhere near the pressure to do the same in 2018.

So, I’ve been chipping away at Nioh, doing all the side missions along the way instead of rushing to the end, and I just got to the final mission area.  Another three or four nights should have it wrapped up with a pretty red bow.  Probably.

It really is a brilliant take on the Souls formula, but it has been a little too cheesable at times.  Apart from Hino-enma, who is the game’s “So, have you learned how to play yet?” boss, pretty much everything has been a matter of sloth talismans + chip away at boss health with spear + push guardian spirit button when boss hits 50% health.

Having said that, I am absolutely setting myself up for hitting a brick wall at some point between now and the end credits. Expect a much more humbled post in future.

I also went back to Gravity Rush 2 to do photo hunts until I had the 6000 Dusty Tokens needed to unlock, well, all of the stuff you need Dusty Tokens for. I’m still very frustrated by the direction the game went, but at some point I know I’m going to want to go back and do the bonus chapter, and the impeding server shutdown meant that it was either get the token hunt done now or never have the chance.

And, of course, I am working on Getting In Shape, which is the sort of thing you’re supposed to DO in January and completely give up on by February. I was doing a sort of truncated weight routine last year (all upper body, I have shame), but this year I have a plan, with alternating days for different muscle groups and everything, and I am no longer skipping Leg Day. This has me back on the stationary bike as well, and I have been watching Love Live! School Idol Project to help me power through sessions there. It’s the perfect anime for working out to, because it is just SUPER genki and has a lot of good music.

Though, with all apologies to William Shatner, Nozomi is indisputably the best girl.

Umi is OK. I guess.

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