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Witching at last

I bought “The Witcher” back in December of 2007, paying extra for the UK edition because it wasn’t censored like the US release, then promptly failed to get around to playing it. Part of that is because it brought my … Continue reading

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The Look and Sound of Stupid

I have carefully saved nearly every email I’ve gotten since 1996. This is dumb, as I am coming to find out, because going through old emails lets me realize – I mean, really lets it sink in – that I’ve … Continue reading

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Insanity, redux

So, I didn’t have enough on my plate what with only having a couple of months until school starts and I’ve decided to take on a new project. Specifically, re-importing our CDs into iTunes as Apple lossless files. Moreover, and … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts

One of the things that got chucked in the recycle bin during the latest move was a run of 2600 magazine from roughly 1988 to 1993.  Hey, I was a geek and a teenager, I think I can be forgiven … Continue reading

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Moving expenses, vexing:

When we moved to our new place, one of the heavier things I had to move was the comic book collection. Leaving graphic novels aside, this consisted of twenty-two “longboxes” – about 200 comic books each – that we previously … Continue reading

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Nintendo and I have an arrangement.

It works something like this: Every console generation, I buy the Nintendo console.  I buy some accessories for it, and a handful of games, and then I ignore it in favor of playing every other console.  I make sure to … Continue reading

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