Nintendo and I have an arrangement.

It works something like this:

Every console generation, I buy the Nintendo console.  I buy some accessories for it, and a handful of games, and then I ignore it in favor of playing every other console.  I make sure to buy the Mario game for the console, and the Zelda game for the console, ignoring that I’ve never finished a Zelda title and I can’t stand Mario in 3D.  Eventually, I sell the whole shebang at a massive loss.

The exception is the DS.  I’ve finished a ton of games on the DS.  I’ve even bought and finished New Super Mario Brothers, which has the advantage of not trying to be in 3D.

Anyway, the worst example of this was the Nintendo 64, a system for which – when I sold it – I hadn’t finished a single game bought for the system.

Now we come to the Wii, which I lucked into buying back in April of 2007, when they were quite difficult to find, and a console I bought solely because there was a new NiGHTS game coming out.

For the record, I played the new NiGHTS game all of about twice and got stymied by the very first boss, which frustrated me enough that I haven’t gone back to it.

At least I didn’t buy either the Mario game or the Zelda game yet.

Anyway.  I’ve identified this pattern and my plan is to do something about it, and that something started with actually playing a Wii game to completion, in this case Klonoa.

Klonoa and me have a long relationship.  I didn’t play either the PS1 or PS2 games, but I bought the third game for the Game Boy Advance and quite liked it, enough to buy and play through the fourth game as well.  It’s a little cute even for me – and I have a massive tolerance for “cute” – but I really like the way you get around in a Klonoa title; you play very aggressively for a platform game hero and the sight of a group of enemies is less something to avoid and more something to charge at.

So anyway, having played the third and fourth games in the series, and having the second game sitting in my backlog, I was rather glad when they released a Wii remake of the first game so I could hop on board from the beginning, and even more glad when it came out at a wallet-friendly 30 bucks.

The price reflects the nature of the game – it’s actually rather short.  There’s a difficulty spike in the last couple of levels that sent me back to earlier stages to farm extra lives – and, honestly, it’s a good argument for abolishing the whole “lives” metaphor, as they’re in unlimited supply – but even with the crazy difficulty jump it was still, mmm, 12 hours or so to play through.  Anyone who was actually GOOD at this sort of game could probably do it in 8 or less, I’m sure.

Anyway, to cut this short: It was fun, it kept my interest until the end, I unlocked a bunch of stuff that I’ll probably never go back to (time trials? reverse mode?), and I have both finished a Wii game for the first time and opened the door to playing Klonoa 2.

A good day all around.

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